Lord…Please Show Me Your GLORY! Part II

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Lord…Please Show Me Your GLORY!
[Prepatory for His Glory-Part II]

17 So the Lord said to Moses, “I will also do this thing that you have spoken; for you have found grace in My sight, and I know you by name.”18 And he said, “Please, show me Your glory.”
Exodus 33:17, 18 New King James Version

In part I of this message, our emphasis was on the difficulty that comes prior to the glory. We saw the difficulty in the people Moses led, the partnership Moses shared with his brother and finally Moses’ personal struggles. This is what was highlighted in reference to the difficulty. The blessing in the difficulty in chapter 32 may have had failures but thank God those failures were not final. Why? The story does not end in chapter 32 of Exodus but it continues in chapter 33 where the request from Moses is, “Please, show me Your Glory.” Whenever you are experiencing a season of difficulty, just remember that it is just one chapter of your story. God’s glory in chapter 32 will be the result that comes out of your difficulty in chapter 32.

For part 2 of this message, we come to the request of Moses. This was a prayer request. This speaks to the prepatory before the glory. It is prayer that should always precede the glory. Moses prayer request is personal. His request is for the Lord to show “ME” your Glory. Always remember, when it comes to prayer, it is NOT about informing God about your situation but instead it is about INVITING GOD INTO YOUR SITUATION.

Following the prayer request, God responds with a series of promises. God responds in the next several verses with a series of “I will” statements. In other words, whenever God says “I WILL” it simply means its in HIS WILL.

So the good news of this text that speaks to prepatory before God reveals His glory is that Moses PRAYER REQUEST will be RESPONDED BY GOD’S PROMISES. So you can STAND ON HIS PROMISES rather than sit on the premises. Whenever God says, “I WILL” means that it is in HIS WILL to do what HE said…HE WILL DO!

Part III will be preached this Sunday, where we will see how GOD’S GLORY WILL BE REVEALED! STAY TUNED!

Rev. James A. Simmons, Senior Pastor

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